Welcome to Monsoon Season

15 Aug

One fun thing about Thailand is that from July/August until November it rains. A lot. A LOT. Not all the time mind you, but fairly reliably. Like in many tropical climates, every day begins with crazy humidity that builds over the course of the day until the late afternoon where it rains to varying degrees. Some afternoons it has drizzled, some there has been thunder and lightning. Today it poured. POURED. I suddenly understand how large parts of Bangkok ended up flooded last year (not our street, our street stayed dry – for those concerned relatives who worried we would take up residence in a flood plain). Anyway, long story short, the skies opened up, the wind began blowing, and suddenly the entire campus was engulfed. Gigantic puddles appeared, palm trees were swaying wildly, and it got really dark (like camera flash necessary dark). I was unfortunately in the midst of meeting Orestes to find our way home. In seconds, I was soaked and chilled for the first time since moving to Thailand. My right contact almost washed away. It was intense. A co-worker kindly offered Orestes and I a ride home, despite the fact that we were channeling drowned rat and soaked his car (then again, he was decidedly damp too). As we drove home, our driver pointed out the places where water tends to collect (again, not our street). Some of the streets had close to a foot of water in them, which was a lot considering less than 20 minutes had passed since it began raining. It poured for around half an hour, and then stopped as suddenly as it started. By the time we went out to find dinner, the streets were drying up and you couldn’t tell they’d been a river two hours ago. SO, I guess this was our welcome to monsoon season!


This is what the clouds looked like rolling in before the rain started.


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