Koh Samui

19 Jan

After the fabulous time had on Koh Tao, Orestes and I headed over to Koh Samui to spend the rest of winter break lying around in the sun (diving is fun but exhausting). Koh Samui is the southern-most of the three gulf coast islands, and also the largest and most developed. It has many resorts and many tourists (not so great) but also many good restaurants and wide stretches of beach to lay on (pretty darn great). I was a big fan of both the area we (I) chose to stay in, and our actual hotel. We stayed on one of the northern beaches of Samui, called Bo Phut. Bo Phut (the h is silent) is known for its Fisherman’s Village, which used to be mainly Chinese fisherman, and is now primarily a tourist attraction. The old wooden shop-houses the fisherman lived in have been turned into little boutiques and restaurants that are businesses on the first floor, and homes on the second (that model of store/house is pretty common in Thailand). The area has a good number of tourists, but still has a laid-back feel. We visited the more popular beach on Koh Samui, Chaweng, and although it had gorgeous white sand, it was also super crowded and felt like college spring break gone wild. Entertaining for an hour or two, but not really my thing.

Normally when we go on vacation, there are so many activities I want to do and things I want to see that we run around having all of these amazing adventures and then come back from vacation more tired than when we started. Koh Samui was great because for the first time in my life, we did almost nothing on vacation but relax. The hotel we stayed at was perfect for relaxing. It had its own stretch of lovely beach that I spent almost every day lying on (with multiple coats of spf). In the afternoons, the staff came around to the lounge chairs with chilled towels and pineapple slices. The grounds were all palm trees and gardens and comfy chairs, and we sat around drinking lots of beer and tea (not together). We both read multiple books for fun, and I finally caught up on my sleep. Amazing. Sigh.

We also celebrated New Years while on Koh Samui. Our first night on the island, we came across a newly opened creperie run by a nice French couple (there were many Scandanavian and French tourists in Bo Phut). We liked the food and atmosphere so much, we ended up going there for New Year’s Eve to have their prix fixe menu, which was amazingly delicious and came with many beverages. Although it poured rain on New Years, there was still an impressive fireworks display, and a good time was had by all.

Our favorite things done/seen while on Koh Samui:

* Hanging out with one of my fellow RIS teachers, Anne, and her family; bar hopping on Chaweng and sending off an Angry Birds floating lantern.

* Taking a day tour of Ang Thong Marine National Park – sooooo beauuuuutiful (although snorkeling was surprisingly unsatisfying after having been scuba diving). We caught a glimpse of a pink dolphin from the side of the speedboat!

* Lying on my beach chair staring at amazingly blue ocean water. For hours. With a tasty beverage.

* Celebrity sighting: Ian Somerhalder (I had no idea who he was, Orestes is the guru of all knowledge when it comes to this stuff). He approached us while we were having lunch in a street cafe to talk about the adorable soi dog who was in the process of successfully begging for food. This interaction was noteworthy to me because he was really, really attractive, and to Orestes because he was on the TV show Lost, which Orestes was obsessed with.

* So much good food, so many beverages, so much relaxation.

And now without further ado, some of the many photos I took.


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