Funny Fish

25 Jan

Several people have mentioned to me that they miss hearing the many munchkin stories I used to tell about the ridiculous/smart/amusing things my students do on a daily basis. I think four-year-olds are some of the funniest people on earth, and my class here at RIS is no exception. Our official class name is the Friendly Fish, but they’re also quite funny (sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident). With that in mind, I have compiled a list of the fabulous things my kids have done and said over the course of the first semester. Some of these stories might be slightly better in person, since you miss the tone of voice (and some of my kids have hilarious voices) but I think they’re still entertaining. In no particular order:

* While  playing tag on the playground… Alex: “You can’t catch me. I’m too fast, I have lots of energy!” Me: “Oh, I don’t know. I drank a lot of coffee today, I have lots of energy too.” Alex paused and I watched the wheels turning in his head: “You’re drunk?” OMG!! I love that you know irregular past participles, but please don’t go home and tell mommy that your teacher was drunk!!

* Many of my students take their socks off during nap. One day after nap, Ms.Tane, my TA, found a pair of socks on the floor. She called to the student whose cot had been in that spot. Tane: “Titan, are these your socks?” Titan came over and examined the socks. “No.” Then he leaned close and sniffed them; “Smells like Tuss!” (Tuss is another student) Ms.Tane was laughing and skeptical, but turned to Tuss. “Tuss, are these your socks?” Tuss, in his little squeaky voice, “My socks!” Ms.Tane looked at Titan. “Titan, how did you know these belong to Tuss?” Titan shrugged and walked away. Hilarious!

* Listening to my kids building in blocks, repeatedly calling their creation a “booty trap”.

* Every day during lunch, we distribute a variety of raw veggies to the kids (yay health eating!). One day, Jeff held up 2 cherry tomatoes to his face: “Look, eyes!” Then he held up 2 cucumber slices to his chest; “Look, nipple thingies!” Umm…

* Each day at dismissal, I stand near the door, call the students as their parents arrive, and say “See you tomorrow.” One day, as I waved goodbye, Tuss turned and said, “Don’t worry Ms.Darcy, I’ll come back tomorrow!” Hehehe

* Scene: snack time, friends sitting around the tables drinking milk and eating apples. Enter Tee, my shortest student with his spiky hair and super-thick glasses. He sits down, opens his milk, and bursts into song: “Heyyyy, sexy lady!” And proceeds to chair dance the entirety of Gangnam Style. I took video. (which sadly I am too challenged to upload)

* Preschool bathrooms are scary places. Friends are still working on their gross motor skills = enough said. One day, I enter the bathroom to find Tuss playing with his pee whilst urinating. “Tuss!” I yell. He looks up, sees me, and says, “Scissors!” I freak, and make him use extra soap when washing his hands. When I later relayed this story to our friends, I expected them to both laugh and think it was gross. Instead, the men wanted to know if it was a cutting motion, or more of a waving motion. Boys!

* Cute munchkin story – Molly: “Remember when I surprised you and tickled your back?” Me: “Yes, that was funny.” Molly: “It’s cause I love you.” Aaaaand I melted.

* While getting ready to go to Thai class, my kids asked me if I speak Thai. I told them I only know a few words. This led to a conversation about what languages everyone speaks. Many of them take Mandarin lessons and are working on their third or fourth language. We went around the circle and each said a word we knew in another language: halfway around the circle, Jeff said, “I know how to speak the dinosaur caveman language: aye ugg ugg!”

* During read aloud, I was reading a favorite story from my childhood called The Saggy Baggy Elephant. It’s about an elephant that gets teased because he’s too wrinkly, and then later makes friends. My kids asked me what ‘saggy baggy’ meant. I demonstrated by wrinkling up my shirt and explaining. As I turn back to the story, I realized one child was talking. I was going to redirect him until I realize what he was doing; Louis had his shirt pulled up, and was intently studying his chubby stomach. He then showed his friend his belly roll, and told him, “Look, saggy baggy!” Hey, I know he understood the vocab!

* During read aloud, I was reading a book version of the song Five Little Speckled Frogs. When we got to the part where the frogs jump into the pool, Tee raised his hand and said, “After school, I be like the frog ‘cause I go to go swimming!” Too cute.

* One day when I was having a rough morning, Tuss brought me some art work, laid it down on the table next to me, and said (in his high-pitched little voice) “I made you feelings!” (see first photo in gallery)

* Disclaimer: Thailand does not have the same laws as the US – yes, I have used the kids names, however, those are not their real names. Thai kids all have super long real names, and then nicknames that they use on a daily basis. These nicknames fall into one of several categories: shortened versions of their Thai names (eg. Kitch is the last syllable of a much longer name ending in Kitch), English words that they chose to represent themselves (Ping Pong, Thank You, Proud, etc.), Thai words of the same nature (Jeab = bird), or Western names they liked the sound of (Jeff, Paul). So basically, after reading the above post, you still don’t know what most of my kids’ names actually are, and could never find their real names for sinister purposes.


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  1. Elaine McCormick March 11, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    They are adorable; thanks for sharing – I love reading about the children.

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