Koh Chang

2 May

After the madness of Songkran died down, Orestes and I spent the rest of the week being beach bums – something we have gotten shockingly good at since moving to Thailand. Koh Chang is part of a larger marine park, so the island is relatively undeveloped. Teachers who have been here a while recall visiting the island in the 90s before there was a paved road or 24-hour electricity. It is no longer that primitive, but it is still quite picturesque, with relatively uncrowded beaches, and “mountains” in its center. The name Koh Chang means Elephant Island (koh = island, chang = elephant), as apparently its outline is shaped like an elephant head. We did in fact see elephants while there, so perhaps the name is appropriate. The elephant is the national animal of Thailand, and they are quite revered here. There is also a famous beer called Chang. Orestes got a kick out of the fact that at one point, he was drinking a Chang, on Koh Chang, watching a chang playing in the ocean. Yes, the baby elephants played in the ocean and it was adorable. 

Although it rained for part of several days, there are worse places to be in the rain than on a gorgeous tropical island, with a fruity cocktail, getting a foot massage. Much worse. The sun made its appearance around Wednesday, and from then on it was beautiful… and quite warm. The beach we were on, Kai Bae, had several little uninhabited islands in the cove it faced, and we did some kayaking out to one of the islands. We also “hiked” up to a waterfall (the Vermonter in me can’t genuinely refer to the island’s hills as mountains, nor to the walking we did as hiking). The waterfall was lovely, and had a great swimming hole at its base. The water was chilly, which marks the first time I have felt cold water since moving here. It was delightfully refreshing!

Other than Songkran, I was somewhat lax about my photo taking – I was too busy laying around and having cocktails – but here are the best of what I did snap : )


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