Thai Random pt.3

21 May

In less than 3 weeks, we will be back in the US for the summer – I can’t believe how fast our first year in Thailand has flown by!! Moving here has been both an amazing experience and a huge challenge, especially for me since I am such a creature of habit. In moving to a new country, we have had to find our new favorite restaurants, bars, friends, and routines. The effort has been worth it. I am genuinely excited to start each and every day because I never know what I will see or what I will find. The smallest things like walking to the corner store can turn out to be a hilarious/bizarre/fascinating adventure. There were how many people on that motorbike?? And then you ate what??  When things become truly peculiar, I resort to one of two measures: throwing my arms in the air exuberantly and yelling, “Adventure!” or shrugging in good humor and saying, “Eh. Thailand.” Both fallbacks have proven effective, although caution should be used in choosing which method best fits the given situation. : )

In honor of our almost-complete first year in Thailand, I bring you Darcy’s ramblings about Thailand, part three (if I have counted correctly).

* I. Love. Motorbikes. Really. Seriously. Buying our own motorbike has been an awesome decision. I get such a kick out of going zoooooooom! (picture me pretending to hold the handlebars and saying zoom with great enthusiasm). After my initial fears and an excellent tutorial by my patient husband, I have mastered the use of said motorbike. I have carried groceries. I have had passengers, one of whom had a suitcase containing a wedding gown. Last Saturday I carried a pizza and a bottle of wine while driving through a market on a neighboring soi. I haven’t had a dog or a family of four on the bike yet, but one must work up to these things.

* Food tastes different here. The first time I made tea with honey I was shocked. Upon reflection however, it stands to reason that the honey would be different as the lovely bees are drinking different nectar. It’s the little things, people.

* The heat. Let me tell you, you don’t know hot and humid until you’ve been in Thailand in April. The weather may occupy an entire blog post one day soon, but for now let me say that my hair is extremely curly, and I don’t remember what it’s like not to be covered in a light sheen of sweat.

* Laundry. It has been a huge treat having our own washing machine in the house, but almost no one owns a dryer, and the washing machines have no temperature setting. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, until  you take into account two things: first, the number of cotton shirts I own that have become progressively more and more stretched out without the shrinking effects of a dryer; second, the previously mentioned humidity. Some things simply never dry. And then they start to smell. A friend suggested adding white vinegar to the wash to help with this dilemma, but so far that has been unsuccessful. I can’t wait to stick all my gym clothing in a dryer in NYC and blast them on high. Fun times.

* Orestes’ adventures – the man does not care to blog post, but I have been given permission to share one of his activities. For a good chunk of the year, he played in the Bangkok International Softball League. Various restaurants and bars each sponsor a team in the league. Orestes’ team has the distinction of being sponsored by a strip club featured in the movie The Hangover 2 (if you’ve seen the movie, it’s the one near the beginning where the bearded dude shoots up the joint). In real life, the place is called Tilac, which means sweetheart in Thai, and is one of the classier establishments in a long row of sketchiness. Their team won the end of the year tournament, so the trophy now resides in Tilac, where it is largely ignored by all the patrons who have other things to look at. Orestes claims Tilac is no less sketchy than the other businesses on the soi – a claim he makes with pride haha.

And now, a random assortment of photos for your viewing pleasure.


Tilac team with their trophy


“the gang” – Orestes, Sean, Zach, me, Nancy, & Shorna


The boys on a fishing trip, looking manly


Weather report from a few weeks ago – I still haven’t mastered Celsius


Our motorbike; despite several excellent suggestions, it remains nameless

Have motorbike, will travel! *Photo compliments of Shorna

Have motorbike, will travel! *Photo compliments of Shorna


One Response to “Thai Random pt.3”

  1. Elaine McCormick August 2, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    Congrats to the team! You look toooooo happy on that scooter – be careful out there so you return to us in one piece. Have fun!

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