Monsoon + Motorbike = Adventure!

16 Oct

aka How to Ride a Motorbike to Work During Monsoon Season:

1) DO NOT wear the clothes you intend to wear during your work day. Pack all of these clothes in a plastic bag, including undergarments (made that mistake once).

2) Plan your route carefully. My usual route to school, chosen due to its lack of speed bumps, tends to flood more easily. On rainy days, I take the annoying, speed bump-filled route through Perfect Place, the gated neighborhood between our ‘hood and school.

3) Assemble waterproof ensemble – helmet plus visor, rain jacket with hood pulled up over helmet (very fashionable), dry-weave hiking pants, Crocs.

4) Drive carefully!! Today’s route was filled with huge, deep puddles (lakes) of standing water. Passing cars made waves. My feet were immediately soaked in nasty soi water. I made it through Perfect, only to discover the road into the back gate of school was flooded with water over a foot deep. It came up past the foot rest on my bike. I wondered (and still wonder) how deep the water can get before my exhaust pipe is flooded and my bike stops.

5) Arrive at school. Take photo of self looking like drowned rat 🙂

2013-10-16 06.48.21

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but my pants are soaked and trailing puddles behind me, and my shoes are filled with water and squelching. Awesome. Needless to say, I changed immediately after my photo shoot.

As I type this, the rain has just stopped. By the time I drive home this afternoon, chances are the majority of the puddles will have evaporated in the heat, and it will be like the deluge of this morning never happened. Gotta love it!

*Update as of 6:00pm*

Orestes felt that an after photo showing my dry ensemble was needed to round out this post.



My prediction that my ride home would be dry turned out to be incorrect. It proceeded to rain the entire day, to the point that RIS cancelled afterschool activities. The floodwaters had slightly receded, but there were still major puddles. I snapped a few photos on my drive home. I also learned that all the rain was due to fallout from Typhoon Nari, which hit Vietnam and has been traveling inland, thoroughly drenching Thailand. *News report on Typhoon Nari*

The road through Perfect near school.

The road through Perfect near school.

The route I normally drive to school, still quite flooded

The route I normally drive to school, still quite flooded

The route I chose not to take *photo credit Toni, my principal*

The route I chose not to take *photo credit Toni, my principal*

Note the contraption on the left side of the road in the photo above. This is a pump set up to funnel the water out of the road and back into the klong, the canal. There are pumps like this set up all over, with varying degrees of success.


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