12 Nov

For our October school break this year, we headed down to Railay accompanied by my good friend from NYC, Katie aka Peanut. I’ve seen many beautiful locations since moving to Thailand, beaches in particular, but I think Railay might just be the most beautiful place so far. Railay is a small peninsula near Krabi that sticks out into the Andaman Sea. The entire peninsula is quite small, and relatively isolated. It is completely surrounded by huge limestone cliffs, and is accessible only by boat. Katie got to experience the fun of hiking out to a longtail boat at low tide, suitcase in tow, and getting drenched in seawater climbing into the boat. Adventure! The day we arrived, monsoon season decided to assert itself, and it poured before and during our boat ride. Just as we approached Railay, the sun emerged and a giant double rainbow appeared over the peninsula. Not a bad start to the vacation!

We spent several days strolling, lounging, and frolicking in the water off Railay West, the beautiful beach we were staying on. (see a smattering of the zillion photos I took below) We spent several nights lounging, eating, and imbibing in the relaxed little bars off Railay East, the less beautiful but more developed beach on the other side of the peninsula. One morning, in a burst of energy and adventurous spirit, Katie and I set out for what we had been told was a “bit of a scramble” to hike to a viewpoint and lagoon in the center of Railay. What we envisioned as a hike turned out to be a mud-splattered, rock climbing trek of multiple hours, resulting in both of us covered in slippery red clay/mud, with sore shoulders from hauling ourselves up the rock face. Pros of this adventure: Railay as seen from the viewpoint was delightful, and Katie got to experience some Thailand jungle time, including giant ferns. Cons of this adventure: that red mud was everywhere!! We never made it to the lagoon; after over an hour of hiking/clambering, we caught sight of the lagoon waaaay at the bottom of the cliff we were descending, and realized we were still at least an hour away! A lunch date with friends and some beach time seemed like a much better idea, and we headed back sans lagoon visit. On another day, Orestes, Katie, and I took a ferry over to Koh Phi Phi to see what all the hype was about. The island was lovely, although much more developed than Railay. We did some touristy shopping, and hung out on a stretch of beach. Orestes wants to return there in the future, I’m not in such a hurry.

All in all, good fun was had in Railay! A few other highlights of our trip:

  •  A troupe of monkeys watching Katie and I descend from our hike/scramble. I found them creepy, she found them cute and helpful.
  • Making friends with a mullet-sporting Argentinian cowboy bartender at the Why Not bar.
  • Taking lots of boats!! I love boats 🙂 Plus all the longtails anchored off Railay West every morning were beautiful.

* Katie shares photo credit on a bunch of these – have iPhone, will travel!


2 Responses to “Railay”

  1. Elaine McCormick November 20, 2013 at 9:30 pm #

    Sounds like a fun adventure. Keep the blogs coming; I am seeing more of Thailand through your eyes and photos!


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