Bangkok 10k

4 Dec

Last year, a fellow teacher introduced me to the idea of running on the khlong (the canals). Bangkok is riddled with canals: narrow waterways with even narrower walkways along which entire communities exist. The khlong makes an ideal running path, since there are no cars or exhaust to contend with. There are however motorbikes, bicycles, and the occasional monitor lizard! Several of us have taken to running the khlong regularly. Our large pack of running, female farang always draws stares, hellos, and the occasional bought of laughter.

A few weekends ago, several of us participated in the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon. Some ran the full marathon distance (major props to them), some ran the half-marathon (nice work), and those of us who didn’t want rigorous training schedules ran the mini-marathon (10k). My friend and running buddy, Megan, did a great job writing about the 10k on her own Thailand blog, so rather than typing up my own tale of the race, I shall share her blog post with you. : )

Click here to read about it!


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