Koh Lanta

24 Apr

After a year and a half of reading the blog and seeing photos of our life over here, my dear mama, aka Nina, aka momlette, made it to Thailand!! She survived the long flight, successfully navigated the Seoul airport, and arrived in the BKK, ready for adventure. Clearly, the first order of business was a foot massage, quickly followed by some time on a tropical island. 😉 We spent the first week of April break on Koh Lanta, a lovely island down south in the Andaman Sea. The Lonely Planet called it a beach bum’s best friend, and indeed it was. The beach we stayed at, Hat Rim Lay, was super laid back and relatively empty, perfect for a visiting mama who doesn’t like crowds. Rim Lay had some of the softest white sand we’ve found in Thailand, and stretched along for over 2 miles. Our little guesthouse turned out to be precisely 9 steps from the beach, with comfy chairs, colorful umbrellas, and amazing sunset views we could enjoy from our verandas.

We spent several days just hanging out on the beach, but we did squeeze on some adventure time too. Orestes and I took a day to go diving, something we hadn’t done since last December. The dive company, Scuba Fish, took us out to Koh Haa, a little group of 5 tiny islands with a lagoon and some coral reef action. It was great to get back into diving, although a little scary too (do I remember how to do this??). Fortunately, it was just like riding a bike, and felt comfortable again pretty quickly. Our first dive was uneventful, but on our second dive we saw a whale shark!! Whale sharks are relatively common around Thailand, and tons of people saw them around Koh Tao last year. We hadn’t been lucky enough though, so we were on the lookout this time. As we prepped for our second dive, the boat quickly changed course and the dive guides hustled us into the water. Low and behold, there it was! One juvenile whale shark, around 6 meters long (apparently the adults can be up to 14 meters). This one was cruising around amongst the divers, acting all curious. We’ve been told that they like the bubbles that scuba divers give off. They swim with their mouths half open to catch plankton, and even though I knew they were harmless, it was still quite a sight to see something that big swimming towards you with its mouth agape! Alas, I have no photos to share.

Other island adventures included a motorbike ride down to the national park at the end of Koh Lanta, a sweaty but lovely hike through the jungle, and celebrating the first day of Songkran on one of the island’s busier beaches (check out my blog post from last year for an explanation of Songkran). Mom wasn’t a huge fan of the Songkran situation, but she sported the requisite floral shirt, and entertained herself by watching other tourists act the fool. We also had fun searching for the mysterious Sea View Restaurant – despite numerous signs announcing its existence from 4 kilometers out, it was not until the last day on Koh Lanta that we discovered its location. We ended up having a tasty dinner there with my coworker, Mo, and her parents, and there was indeed a lovely sea view.


2 Responses to “Koh Lanta”

  1. Corky April 24, 2014 at 11:37 am #

    Yay! She made it! Thanks for posting. Lindol and I both enjoyed reading it and seeing the pics. Hi to your mom.


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