Ayutthaya Half Marathon 2014

21 Dec


After all of the races we’ve run over the past year, several of us decided that it was time to up our game. Colby and I set our sights on the Ayutthaya half marathon, the logical step up from the 10k, and Bridget, after all of her half wins, started training for her first full marathon. Ayutthaya is the perfect race for first timers trying for longer distances; the course is relatively flat, the sights are entertaining, and it takes place in the middle of Thailand’s cool season. The temperature Sunday morning was a delightful 77 degrees, and it stayed cool and comfortable throughout the race.

I must admit, I was prepared for the worst. We’d had several long training runs, most of which were successful, but the idea of physically running 13.1 miles (or 21.1km) had me mentally psyched out. Saturday night I was a bundle of nerves. There are also the logistics of running for 2+ hours. You can’t just head out the door, you must be prepared: neon-colored running socks to prevent blisters (the neon color doesn’t prevent blisters, it just makes my feet look snazzy), packet of GU for mid-race snacking, iPod charged and ready to go… It feels a bit like packing for a road trip; you have to have appropriate snacks and tunes to keep you going.


Even with all of the preparation, I still had mental images of dragging myself over the finish line, barely functional. As usual, I was worried for nothing. The race felt shockingly good. We ran past many a picturesque temple, enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise that Colby snapped a photo of, and entertained ourselves by posing in ridiculous ways for the official race photographers. Colby and I kept a steady pace for the entire distance, finishing in two hours and nineteen minutes. We even managed to have energy for a finish line sprint that amused the bystanders. She won by a hair, although I blame the old guy I had to dodge mid-sprint. 😉


Post-race, not a hair out of place, haha


The best part of the race was the cheering section! Over twenty people from RIS ran in the various distances (4.2, 10, 21.1, or 42.2). All of the friends from the shorter races, and those who finished the half faster, hung around to hoot and holler. It was great to have enthusiastic whoops greet us when we reached the home stretch! Here’s the RIS running posse, minus Jenn and Matt who were busy collecting Jenn’s trophy. 🙂




One Response to “Ayutthaya Half Marathon 2014”

  1. elaine mccormick February 6, 2015 at 7:22 pm #

    Congratulations; well done! Running a half marathon is probably not going to make it on my bucket list; however, I am so proud of you for do it and I can see from the pictures how much you enjoyed it. Who knows one day I just might be at the finish line to cheer you as you cross! Love Ya!

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