Return to Pairadise

17 Jan

No, I haven’t made a spelling error. Pairadise is the name of the cute little guesthouse we stayed at in Pai, a location we liked so much on our first visit that we decided to return for the beginning of winter break. The town of Pai is nestled in a valley in northern Thailand, surrounded by lovely mountains. Pairadise is perched on a hill looking down into the valley, with cute little bungalows that include porches, hammocks, and a waterfall/pool for loitering about. We took full advantage and did lots of loitering during our time there, although neither of us made it into the pool because for a large portion of each day, the weather was entirely too cold!


On our previous trip to Pai, I believe I described the October weather as pleasantly cool. December took pleasantly cool and turned the dial down several notches. Cool season in Bangkok is still warm during the day and 70-ish at night. Cool season in Pai dropped into the low 50s once the sun went down. Turns out acclimatization is a real thing; we were freezing!! I unashamedly wore every layer in sight, as well as purchasing a winter hat and a lovely woven blanket. Our little bungalow, while charming, had nothing in the way of heat or insulation. Fortunately, it did have several warm blankets on the bed, so we were relatively comfortable (although I slept in my winter hat two nights running). Once I got over the shock of it, being cold was a bit of a novelty. I drank hot tea and mulled wine in the evenings, and sported sweaters I never thought I would get to wear again.

IMG_0110     IMG_0114Other than loitering, we weren’t particularly active. We wandered about on Pai’s nightly walking street/market, and took a few short jaunts out of town on a rented motorbike to enjoy the countryside. One afternoon I dragged Orestes up a few zillion steps to Wat Phra That Mae Yen, aka the Temple on the Hill. The wat features a giant white Buddha that can be seen from anywhere in the valley. I was determined to go there since we had not made it on our last visit, and well, because it was there: big, white, highly visible – it needed to be done. The Buddha itself is lovely, and the view overlooking the valley is quite pretty. We watched the sunset before enjoying a chilly zoom back to town. To sum up our visit, in Orestes’ words, “We ate. We drank. We bundled up.” Seems accurate to me. 🙂


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  1. elaine mccormick February 6, 2015 at 7:14 pm #

    Love that Christmas selfie! Adding it to my wall! Love, Mom

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