Hua Hin

9 Jun

Hua Hin is a bustling small city along the Gulf of Thailand, a few hours south of Bangkok. Its proximity to BKK makes it an easy choice for a quick trip; we’ve been to Hua Hin twice in the last few months, once for a long weekend with Shorna, Sean, and Kristy, and more recently as a short break between the regular school year and summer school session. Many of the beach locales here in Thailand have a distinctly hippy, beach bum vibe. In comparison, Hua Hin is rather cosmopolitan. It’s been popular with Bangkok residents for decades (the royal family has several vacation palaces here), and so there is an abundance of restaurants, hotels, and appropriate infrastructure. The variety of cuisines that can be found is downright impressive. In one long weekend we sampled Thai, Italian, Greek, Indian, Spanish, and Western fare.

Aside from the culinary delights, I wasn’t too impressed with Hua Hin on our first visit. The portion of the beach we saw was just eh, and there were a few too many tourists for my taste. We enjoyed our hotel’s rooftop pool, which turned out to be essentially a private pool since we were the only westerners in the hotel, and Asians notoriously avoid the sun. The most entertaining part of our weekend was undoubtedly a IMG_1284visit to a “fish spa” or feet fish as I like to refer to them. Their formal name is garra rufa, aka doctor fish (so a quick google tells me). For a small fee, you can dunk your feet into a tank filled with these little guys, and giggle as they swarm to nibble the dead skin off your feet. Shorna, Kristy, and I decided to give it a go, and it was quite the strange experience! It tickles like mad at first, and then begins to feel a bit like the pins and needles of a limb falling asleep. Shorna’s reaction was priceless; alas, the video Sean took of her squealing won’t upload properly. 😉

My opinion of Hua Hin improved on our second visit last weekend with Tim, Gretchen, and their munchkins, partially because we spent almost the entire weekend in the amazing pool at the Hilton. I took a wander down the beach front near the hotel, and it was considerably nicer than the portion we’d seen previously (although still not in Thailand’s top ten). The science nerd in me was entertained for some time by the tidal pools, the zillions of tiny hermit crabs, and the Thais who were harvesting fresh mussels. The main beach is also known for having pony rides available, although I felt sorry for the little Thai ponies who are forced to cart hefty farang around all day in the sweltering heat.

Word of mouth and my trusty guidebook tells me that there are several Hua Hin experiences yet to be explored, including a vineyard, an artsy night market, and a giant Buddha, but since the main theme of our two journeys has been laziness, those will have to wait. Until next time Hua Hin…


3 Responses to “Hua Hin”

  1. liamjameshaddock June 9, 2015 at 10:35 am #

    Cool shots, I wish I had checked out Hua Hin.


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