14 Feb


Our last stop on the north island was the city of Wellington. We returned our zippy little hatchback, and spent two days wandering the city on foot before boarding the ferry to the south island. Wellington was awesome; friendly and easy to walk around, with tons of cute bars and restaurants. The city is surrounded by hills on one side and the Cook Strait on the other, so amazing views are never far away. Wellington has the nickname “Windy Wellington” but we completely lucked out with the weather while there. It was sunny and brisk, but at no point did I feel overly windblown.

On our first afternoon, we discovered a little list titled the “Craft Beer Capital Trail Map” and well, that was that. Walking from brewery to brewery was a great way to see the city! In between the bar hopping, we did manage to squeeze in some cultural activities. We visited the National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, which lived up to all the hype. The museum was an interesting mix of history, art, and cultural items. My favorite items were the colossal squid, and an exhibition of Maori photography. New Zealand museums get bonus points for having an exceptionally large number of educational/interactive sections in their exhibits. We also rode the Wellington Cable Car up to Kelburn for some good views overlooking the harbor. I’m fairly certain I was more amused by the cable car than Orestes was.

Most importantly, we tracked down a bar called The Third Eye, which serves as the Wellington home of Orestes’ new favorite brewery, Tuatara. He was rather bummed because we drove past the main brewery in Paraparaumu (my new favorite town to pronounce) on our way to Wellington, but alas, the brewery was closed on Mondays. Fortunately, the Third Eye had everything he’d been wanting, including a snazzy, lizard-shaped bottle opener. Beer crisis averted. 😉


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