Marlborough Wine Tour

15 Feb


We left Wellington on the early morning ferry, heading across the Cook Strait towards Marlborough. The ferry ride was both gorgeous and frigid; the wind comes whipping through between the two islands, IMG_5785making for a rather brisk crossing. I was torn between standing on the outside desk to enjoy the scenery, and huddling inside wearing every layer I had with me. Huddling plus coffee won. As we approached the south island, the Marlborough Sounds came into view. The sounds reminded me a great deal of the fjords of Norway – valleys with picturesque farms and sprawling fields that lead dramatically down to the sea. The sounds also blocked the majority of the wind, so I was able to snap a few photos. The ferry terminates in Picton, and our south island adventure began!

When in the Marlborough region, the best and most obvious activity is wine tasting. Dave, one of the awesome owners of Highlight Wine Tours, met us in Picton and brought us straight to our first vineyard. We had an amazing lunch while Dave fetched the rest of our wine tour companions, including the Konings ~ Karli, Wade, and munchkins. After months of shared Google docs, and planning texts, the six of us were finally together IMG_5809and ready for some vino (well, for the adults anyway)! Marlborough is completely gorgeous: rolling hills, spacious vineyards, and the occasional sheep scattered about. Dave took us around to several area vineyards, and we got to taste a wide range, from Marlborough’s famous Sauvignon Blanc, to some tasty reds. We stopped at one location that specialized in sparkling wines, and since it was January 30th, we stocked up for the following night. He also brought us to a local market plaza that included stops for flat whites (yay caffeine!), meats and cheeses, and an impromptu local gin tasting. I was highly entertained when the storekeeper mixed me up a few mini gin and tonics for sampling purposes. The final stop on our wine tour was actually a brewery. Dave was super accommodating, and when he realized the group had some beer drinkers, he popped over to the Moa brewery and joined us for a pint. *Fun fact: moas were giant, wingless birds that went extinct circa 1440. We sampled their various taps, and then indulged for a bit until the chilly weather got the best of us. All in all, a great way to start the south island adventure!




One Response to “Marlborough Wine Tour”

  1. Elaine McCormick March 25, 2016 at 4:37 pm #

    Yum! Sounds like a marvelous day!

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