22 Mar

The final stop of our New Zealand adventure was the city of Queenstown on the south island. The city came highly recommended by just about everyone, and indeed it did not disappoint. Queenstown is perched on the shore of Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by some fairly spectacular mountains, aptly named The Remarkables. Although it is one of the larger spots in New Zealand population-wise, it feels like a rambling small town, tucked down by the lake. None of the buildings are very tall, and many of the streets are cobblestoned. After so many days of driving and exploring, it was great to spend three consecutive days in the same location. Queenstown was also lovely and filled with tasty craft beer, so that didn’t exactly spoil our enjoyment. Highlights of Queenstown include:

  • The Skyline Luge ~ Half sled, half go-kart, the luge cruises down a cement track winding around the side of Bob’s Peak, high above Queenstown. We took a IMG_3988gondola ride up to the top, outfitted ourselves with helmets, hopped on another chairlift, and indulged in some zooming (or inching, depending on your driving style). The views out over Lake Wakatipu and the mountains were incredible, and the sunny weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The kids tested the beginner track while Orestes, Wade, and I did some racing on the advanced track. You’ll be glad to know that not only am I too tall to be a hobbit, but I also made height for the advanced luge.
  • Sittin’ Lakeside ~ A friendly ex-pat we met the first night recommended a lakeside bar to us, and we proceeded to take her advice and then some. The Atlas Beer Cafe enjoys a prime spot along IMG_3999the lakefront, with plenty of patio space and dozens of beers on tap. We spent two solid afternoons soaking up the sun and indulging while the kids enjoyed a nearby rope swing.
  • Family Bonding ~ Since Karli, Wade, and the munchkins live in Singapore, the days in Queenstown were our last few chances to hang out. One particularly memorable moment came while out to dinner at a Mexican joint. The friendly waitress jokingly brought the kids shot glasses filled with water, and we proceeded to teach them the ropes. Amelia was skeptical, but Liam knocked his back like a champ. Wade was proud.

Queenstown was a great way to round out New Zealand. In the aftermath, Orestes and I flew back to Auckland for one last night before our trip back to BKK. I’ll give him the last word on the country. “We had fun. It’s beautiful. It’s an amazing country that everyone should see.”




One Response to “Queenstown”

  1. vinneve March 22, 2016 at 5:48 pm #

    Yap beautiful NZ alright 🙂

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