12 Sep

Yes, I realize the Jacksons are supposed to be taking Thailand, and that Madrid isn’t even in Asia. As with New Zealand, consider these posts filed in a special section labeled the awesome adventures we’re able to have because of living and teaching in Thailand. I have been mildly obsessed with Spain since a summer spent abroad during university back in 2002 (yup, I’m officially old). Indeed, when I first pictured myself as an ex-pat, the mental image I created involved yours truly somewhere along the Spanish coastline, wearing fabulous skirts and drinking my weight in sangria and cafe con leche. Orestes had always wanted to go to Spain, and our dear friends, Sean and Shorna, provided us with the perfect excuse for a Spanish vacation when they decided to get hitched outside the town of Gerona. After all we’ve been through together, we clearly had to attend the wedding, so off to Spain we went!

The first stop on our vacaciones was the city of Madrid, the Spanish capital and largest city at some three million people. Madrid was where I lived during study abroad, so I was ridiculously excited to show Orestes some of my favorite spots. After a long haul flight via Istanbul (more on that in another post) we arrived in Madrid ready for four days filled with tapas, architecture, and of course, sangria. Activities we got up to include:

  • Seeing famous art at the Museo del Prado ~ Orestes found a statue of an Orestes and was quite tickled by it.
  • Strolling around large portions of Madrid, including El Retiro, the huge park in the city, and Calle de Serrano, the area where I lived during study abroad.
  • Taking a day trip to Toledo, the former capital of the Spanish empire. (see further commentary below, and the pic the here)IMG_5455
  • Visiting Las Cuevas de Sésamo, my favorite sangria joint in Madrid. Tucked into a basement, with a curmudgeon-y old piano player, random Spanish quotes scrolled on the walls, and amazing pitchers of sangria, the place has a great eclectic vibe.
  • Checking out El Mirador, the viewing platform at the top of the Palacio de Cibeles. The building had served as an incredibly snazzy post office on my last visit to Madrid, and I was incredibly curious. The view from the top was amazing and well worth two Euro!
  • Eating everything in sight ~ Some highlights were the delicious stuffed olives at the Mercado de San Miguel, the churros and chocolate at the Chocolatería San Gines, and the amazing croissants at La Mallorquina, the famous bakery two blocks from our hotel.


Toledo img_6467

Toledo is one of my favorite places in Spain; a large portion of the old city has been delightfully preserved, with cobblestone streets, old buildings, and stunning views of the surrounding valley. It’s lovely to wander about, and the train ride from Madrid is also quite picturesque.


One Response to “Madrid”

  1. Corky September 16, 2016 at 7:24 pm #

    Looks so beautiful. Another wonderful trip. Can I just say that your husband is adorable? Probably not exactly the kind of comment you expect to read, but he is! You probably know that already…

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