Wedding Weekend

19 Sep

After four days of eating our way through Madrid, we picked up our little rental car from the Atocha train station smack dab in the middle of the city. Picking up rental cars in foreign cities provides all sorts of amusing challenges; I had a fun few minutes remembering how to drive a img_5520stick after a two-year hiatus, adjusting to driving on the right-hand side of the road again, and sorting myself out in the Madrid traffic while trying to find the Autovía (highway) entrance. As in New Zealand, Orestes assisted the driving process by providing caffeine and calming statements, both of which were crucial for our long drive up to Sant Martí de Llémena, the tiny town where Sean and Shorna were getting hitched. (I’m now officially counting the number of continents I have driven on ~ if one counts my motorbike, that makes four in a year.) Sidenote: I’m a big fan of the decorative bull outlines Spain has spread at random intervals along the Autovía.

Several hours of highway driving later, we made a series of turns onto progressively smaller, more rural roads through the Catalan countryside before arriving at our destination. Sant Martí is so petite that it falls into the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ category. img_5541The hostel we’d booked was literally in the middle of nowhere outside of the town, in a masia, a type of old-fashioned, stone farm building typical to the region. This particular one was constructed around 1780, and had been converted into rooms, and a large organic kitchen for a b&b/hostel sleeping arrangement. The building, the rooms, and the grounds were all lovely, and our first night was amazingly tranquil, involving hammocks and a beautiful sunset.

The wedding party and their guests were staying in another masia down the road. We spent a full day lounging by their pool before heading into the nearby town of Gerona for a few hours the following day. Orestes wanted a barbershop visit so that he could look, in Shorna’s words, “fresh to death” for the wedding. I wanted more cafe con leche and a good wander. Delightfully, we both found what we were looking for. I snapped a few pics during my stroll; Gerona was lovely, smallish, and very, very laid-back.

img_5579The main event of the weekend was Saturday evening’s gorgeous nuptials. The weather threatened rain, but then turned out to be amazing. The courtyard of the venue was beautifully decked out in floral arrangements and strands of lights, and the old stone work of the building accented it all.  It was so much fun seeing everyone all dressed up, getting sweetly emotional during the ceremony, and then getting ready to party! I was too busy enjoying myself to snap many photos, but here are a select few.



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